Watami Vietnam represents a strategic collaboration between Son Kim Food & Beverages and Watami International, uniting the expertise of two prominent groups in the fields of Food & Beverage and Retail.

The core objective of our company is to provide customers with an immersive experience, encompassing not only the intricacies of Japanese cuisine but also extending to the rich traditions of Japanese culture.

Furthermore, we are committed to fostering the growth of the Food & Beverage industry in Vietnam and bridging the cultural nuances of Japan with the Vietnamese populace.




Watami Vietnam Co., Ltd. is the Joint Venture between Son Kim Food & Beverages Co., Ltd and Watami International Co., Ltd, a joint of 2 big groups with experiences in F&B and Retails.

The mission of the company is to bring to customers the deep experience, not only in Japanese food and beverages, but also Japanese cuisine culture.

And to develop the Japanese F&B in Vietnam, as well as to connect Japanese culture to Vietnamese people.