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Prepare for the Japanese experience at Kyo Watami

With particular emphasis on privacy and luxury, Kyo Watami’s VIP room is an ideal venue for corporate meetings and a perfect destination for other special events. Prepare for the Japanese experience at Kyo Watami. The Kyo team has worked diligently and meticulously to combine elegant, luxurious space with attentive service and diverse Japanese cuisine. All […]

Vietravel Airlines x Kyo Watami

Our journey with Vietravel Airlines on every charter flight from Vietnam to Japan is a meaningful and unforgettable experience. This isn’t just a regular journey; it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the unique culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. In this journey, Kyo Watami proudly stands as the first […]

White Valentine – Sweet Responses At Kyo Watami

If the saccharine charm of Red Valentine’s Day doesn’t quite satisfy the yearning hearts, then White Valentine’s Day emerges as the opportune moment to reciprocate such tender sentiments. It stands as a poignant occasion for both gentlemen and ladies to articulate their emotions and reciprocate the affection they harbor for each other. White Valentine’s Day […]

Exclusive Privileges For Her, Celebrating March 8th

Each woman is like a flower, radiantly beautiful in her own unique way. Even when unnoticed or unadmired, she remains fresh and vibrant, blossoming gracefully. On this International Women’s Day, Kyo Watami extends the sweetest and most sincere wishes to the beautiful half of the world, hoping that joy and good fortune will always grace […]

Savor the last moments: Unforgettable year end experience at Kyo Watami

Year-end is here, time to gather and celebrate! Behold this comprehensive Japanese menu, will it enchant and fulfill your desires for the grand finale of the year? Prepare for a grand banquet, exclusively designed for those with a taste for extravagance, hosted at the esteemed Kyo Watami. Kyo doesn’t just focus on delivering exquisite culinary […]